Welcome to Domaine de Dolomieu, where an extraordinary experience awaits you. This exceptional place combines charm and well-being, in the heart of a natural and soothing environment. The Château offers refined and luxurious rooms. As for Les Cèdres et les Cyprès, you will find more contemporary rooms there. Also enjoy our spa by Sothis, our brasserie or our reception areas.

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In the heart of the Dolomieu estate
Exceptional location for your wedding in Rhône Alpes

In the middle of nature
Your dream wedding

The Domaine de Dolomieu is a preserved treasure which will host your wedding and all your private receptions. 

Our wedding hotel in Isère invites you to dream, refine and enjoy in a natural setting. The 20 hectares of the park will host your outdoor wedding. The sweetness of the Rhône-Alpes region will accompany each of your private events.

Create your most beautiful memories at Domaine de Dolomieu!


Everything is possible A tailor-made reception

Our entire team is here to help you achieve your dream wedding in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region. Together, let's organize the most beautiful day of your life in the enchanting setting of the Domaine de Dolomieu! 

Privatize the Dolomieu estate The stages of your marriage

By privatizing the Dolomieu estate, your weddings will be magical and fully customizable. The secular ceremony can take place in the heart of the park, the dance evening and the sit-down meal will be organized in the Orangeraie, the >roomsof the Château, des Cyprès and des Cèdres can accommodate your guests for the night, the brunch the next day can be organized in the park. Experience the most beautiful day of your life surrounded by all your loved ones at the Dolomieu estate! 

Tell us “yes” The little extras of the Dolomieu estate

  • The 59 rooms of the estate
  • The 60 parking spaces
  • Access to the beautiful outdoor swimming pool 
  • Access to the spa and its equipment
  • The20 hectare park green
  • Trusted providers
  • A dedicated and attentive team to your needs

Birthdays, cousins, baptisms, etc. Other private events

All private events can be organized at the Dolomieu estate. Birthday, cousinhood, family meal, baptism, communion, ... organize all the important events of your life at the Dolomieu estate.

Access to the park and spa, room reservation, catering, the Orangeraie, etc. Everything has been thought of so that you can organize your most beautiful private receptions in Isère, in the heart of the Rhône Alpes region. 

An enchanting setting The Orange Grove

Next opening planned for 2025!

Bring together the people who are most dear to you in this enchanting place that invites contemplation and daydreaming. Between sumptuousness, softness and enchantment, the Orangeraie is the ideal place to plan your most beautiful private receptions: weddings, birthdays, engagements, renewal of vows, etc.